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Sometimes things get Wack-ish!

One of our favorite scenes (due to a brilliant ad lib by Nick Spangler) was from an episode we had to cut. In the scene, Zoe’s BFF Todd (played by Nick Spangler) gets “beside” himself and uses an inappropriate word while crashing their date night. NOW…it must be stated that our script was written back in Dec 2014 and we shot in the middle of Jan 2015. So as we prepared to get this clip ready, suddenly we were confronted with a problem. This September, a very well known black Sitcom on ABC released clips for their Season Premiere using---yup you guessed it--the EXACT SAME JOKE that I wrote back in January. At first I was indignant, insisting that we still use it. But as their clip picked up steam, it was evident that if we released ours, we would look like the copycats, even though CLEARLY somehow they got into my head, stole my joke, and beat us to the punch! Dirty! Ultimately, we were forced to scrap this idea as promo. Moral of the story is that good ideas are good for a reason. If you have one, jump on it because the likelihood someone else has or will think of it is very high. So here is a look at a piece of great footage that died by the hands of “the show that shall remain nameless”—thanks guys! **Disclaimer — The actual word used by the actor was “nickel” (for those concerned) :)

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