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Zoe Baptiste - played by Jeannette Bayardelle

Hometown: Queens, NY.

Occupation: Super Star!

Words To Live By: "She is fierce!"

One Thing No One Knows About You: I secretly wish I was a flower.

Weirdest Gift You Have Received: A bedazzled pack of gum.

Describe Your Perfect Day: Doing naked couples yoga with Kevin.

Peace Or Freedom: Freedom: I can't be contained. 

Kevin Bryant - played by Lawrence Stallings

Hometown: New York, NY.

Occupation: Lawyer.

Describe Your Perfect Day: Any day with Zoe. 

Weirdest Gift You Have Received: Bandaids that smell like bacon-cheese fries.

Favorite Holiday: National Popcorn Day-so many flavors.

Favorite Charity: Anything that helps prevent the extinction of the Hawksbill Turtle.

Favorite Insult: "I know you're sorry, now try apologizing."

Dr. Julia - played by Joli Tribuzio

Hometown: The Bronx, NY.

Occupation: Therapist/Part-time, entertainer.

Favorite Holiday:  Groundhog Day.

One Thing No One Knows About You:  I am a member of the Peeps Fan Club.

Favorite Sitcom Character:  Ralph Kramden.

Favorite Insult:  "A pox on you and all of your ancestors."

Peace Or Freedom: The freedom to live peacefully!  And the peace to enjoy that freedom!

Simone Bryant - played by Natasha Williams

Hometown: Fayetteville, North Carolina (before moving to New York).

Occupation: I am a middle school Math Teacher.

Wine, Weed, Or Water? I am water person. I never have smoked weed, I tried wine cause of Jesus but it just burns my chest. Now if Pepsi was on the list I would definitely taste that.

Celebrity Crush: I have a crush on Steve Harvey and President Obama and a small crush on Taye Diggs.

One Thing No One Knows About You: No one knows that I was a briefly a stripper in college.

Describe Your Perfect Day: I like to go sit by moving water, an ocean, a river, or a fall. It's free and its my favorite.

One Thing Everyone Knows About You: I know how to ride a motorcycle and kill and gut a pig/hog.

Todd - played by Nick Spangler

Hometown: Manhattan, NY.

Occupation: Too many to list; Fav: I dress up like Hobbes for children's birthday parties.

Favorite Insult: They still make you?!

Favorite Slang Term: "Weeerk!"

One Thing No One Knows About You: I was once engaged to a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader.

Unusual Skill: I can speed type, 130 wpm.

Favorite Holiday: Halloween, I love dressing up.

Rhonda - played by Anastacia McCleskey

Hometown: Memphis, TN.

Occupation: Executive Assistant/Life Coach. 

Wine, Weed, Or Water? None of that. Give me a good rack of ribs from Joe's BBQ and a glass of sparkling water. I'm set. 

Unusual Skill: Can play the spoons.

Celebrity Crush: Idris Elba. 

Weirdest Gift You Have Received: One of my co-workers thought they were being nice and brought me a jar of Spicy Beaver Balls. Ugh, white people. I would have settle for nothing. 

Favorite Slang Term:"Step into your voice; get yah life together".

Mr. Thomas - played by Lee Summers

Hometown: Nutbush, Tennessee.

Occupation:Senior Legal Accounts Manager for Bernstein, Rothstein, Goldstein, Blankstein and Jackson.

One Thing No One Knows About You: My celebrity man-crush is Frank Sutton aka "Vince Carter" from Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C.

One Thing Everyone Knows About You: I'm a military man's, man, man. 

Favorite Free Thing To Do: Recruiting civilians to join the Marines - then having ice cream at the mall. 

Favorite Charity: Scaring teens straight at the local prison on a Saturday night. 

Describe Your Perfect Day: Scaring teens straight at the local prison on a Saturday night.

Karen Bryant - played by Nikiya Mathis

Hometown: New York, NY

Occupation: Nonya!

Favorite Free Thing To Do: I love dressing Goth and anonymously going to raves... don't ask why.

Peace Or Freedom: Give me freedom, cause I am not 'bout to let anyone, especially a man, keep me down!

One Thing Everyone Knows About You: People know not to come for me, unless I send for them!

Favorite Slang Term: "I'm booked".

Favorite Holiday: Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Birthday.

Carla - played by Q. Smith

Hometown: Jackson, Florida.

Occupation: Actress and hometown mascot of the Jr. Baseball League as a part-time job.

Weirdest Gift Received: Karaoke machine.

Favorite Holiday: My birthday! Duh! 

Wine,Weed, Or Water? Weed. But only on weekends. The heat messes up my voice.

Unusual Skill: Drink beer upside down faster than any man! But a lady never gets drunk.

Words To Live By: "Take what is rightfully yours, jobs, men, and whatever else."

Matt - played by Danny Bruckert

Hometown: Syosset, Long Island,NY.

Occupation: Talent Agent.

Unusual Skill:  I can whistle and hum simultaneously. 

Celebrity Crush:  Flo from the Progressive commercials.

Favorite Insult: "You Suck!!"

Favorite Charity:RANGA : Red and Nearly Ginger Association and the ASPCA.

Wine, Weed, Or Water? For real!? Beer!

Gussy May - played by Maia Wilson

Hometown: Flatwood, AL.

Occupation: Retired Madam... Now I'm strictly for Jesus!

Wine, Weed, Or Water? All Three PLEASE... Thank yaaa!

Words To Live By: Shut The Hell up an' let the Lord Do what he do!...(wrote a song about it).

Unusual Skill: I speak in tongues in my sleep among other things! 

One Thing Everyone Knows About You:  Holy Sexualness baby!

One Thing No One Knows About You: Well if I told you...then someone will know... NEXT!

Weirdest Gift You Have Received: Lingerie with the words I Love Jesus in gold lamé all over it.

Describe Your Perfect Day: A lovely winter's day watching my grandkids shovel snow... While I'm inside drinking cocoa!

Judge - played by Nikki Tillman

Hometown: Boston, MA.

Occupation:  Civil Court Judge.

Favorite Slang Term: "Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That".

One Thing Everyone Knows About You:  I’m never late and I love Pistachio Ice cream.

Favorite Free Thing To Do: Surveillance on my ex-husband and his new wife. 

Describe Your Perfect Day: Any day where I can MIND MY BUSINESS and be left ALONE.

Celebrity Crush: Ice Cube (DISCLAIMER: However I do not condone his lyrics).

Brother Otis - played by David St. Louis

Hometown: Nutbush, TN.

Occupation: Piano Tuner.

Unusual Skill: I have perfect pitch.

One Thing No One Knows About You: I bite my toenails. 

Words To Live By: You are absolutely unique. Just like everyone else.

Favorite Insult: “I can explain it to you, but I can’t understand it for you".

Peace or Freedom: Peace. Rather sleep like a baby than fly free like a bird and get caught in an airplane engine and die.

Maxine Baptiste- played by Rose Jerome

Hometown: Valere, Haiti.

Occupation: Registered Nurse.

Wine, Weed, Or Water? Wine.

Favorite Slang Term:  "Rete!"

Favorite Holiday: Christmas.

One Thing Everyone Knows About You: I cook the best griot.

Favorite Free Thing To Do: See my daughter Zoe in a show.

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